Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Then watch his son in this vid. Asskicking.


MAGDAfromtheBLOG said...

Lola My Love!!!!

What is going on??? Where are you?

I haven't heard from you!!

Once again sory I fell asleep last time you saw me - It was a horrible day!!!!

EmmaAnderson said...

I can't stay here--and I can't go down.. There is no doubt that they are the actual disturbers of sleep, and not the dream, which, on the contrary, strives to guard sleep.. It was then that, on my wife's suggestion, I resolved to look out for a Double.. But he recovered himself instantly, and continued: My client, the only daughter of a widowed mother--who has for years stemmed the varying tides of adversity--in the western precincts of this town--stands before you today invested only in her own innocence.. The guest did not seem to be seriously shocked, and Uncle Billy was beginning to be sorry he had not said three dollars, when Mr.. Sleep guarantees the security of the fortress which is under guard.. Hour after hour passed, and her wrath refused to be quelled.. Henceforth the neglected or suppressed train of thought is in a position to maintain itself, although this reinforcement does not help it to gain access to consciousness.. reinforces the antagonism against the repressed ideas, and subsequently this leads to a penetration by the thoughts of transference (the carriers of the unconscious wish) in some form of compromise through symptom formation.. The information that it would be impossible to upset the little vessel had greatly cheered him, and he could laugh.. The other smiled at this flashlight on Uncle Billy's character, and they went out to look at the barn. I beg to repeat my request relative to your quitting the apartment.. If, according to Scherner, the dream seems to play with a symboling representation of the body, we know that this is the work of certain unconscious phantasies which have probably given in to sexual emotions, and that these phantasies come to expression not only in dreams but also in hysterical phobias and in other symptoms.. We attempt to remove this symptom by urging him to the action which he deems himself incapable of.. An old stove, rusty with the nicotine contributed by farmers during the previous season while waiting by its glowing sides for their cotton to be sold, stood straight up in a bed of sand, and festoons of cobwebs clung to the upper sashes of the murky windows.. M----, has been attacked by no less a person than Goethe in an essay with, we all maintain, unwarrantable violence.. We have hardly got in and we already owe sixty hellers.. Nor does this apology prevent you from holding me responsible--personally responsible-- elsewhere for an indiscretion committed in behalf of a lady--my--er--client.. that there is first the transferred dream-wish, then the distortion of the censor, and consequently the change of direction to regression, and so on.. The road was wide and the snow was worn down smooth...

Anonymous said...

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