Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bright be the Place of Thy Soul

So, I went to visit a friend today. It's been exactly one year since I'd last seen him. His new home has the best view in San Diego - breathtaking in scope, magnificent in spectrum. I was overwhelmed with emotion being there with him. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed his company, and how I had taken his friendship for granted. It's funny the excuses we make for not returning calls, for not following through with plans made to spend time together, for letting friendships slip through our fingers because we had better, or more important things to do. I am guilty of this, and I hate it about myself. I am not that great a friend, or sister, or daughter. I could be so much better.

It was hard being with him today, and spending time with his extended family, whom I love from the bottom of my heart. I've been amiss with them, guilty of fogetting to call, finding better things to do than spend an afternoon or evening with them, just hanging. I think I'll talk about it with God tonight, and see if He can help me through this one, and if He'll give me the faith to become the kind of friend many of MY friends are to me.

Kelly's new pad is awesome. I was sad to leave him, but I knew he had more company than I could comprehend, and that made me even sadder. That 20 year old kid next door to him, and the 18 year old one a few doors down. Older folks everywhere. I know he's not alone there, but it still hurt to leave. I miss him. It hurts a little when I breathe.

Miss you Kelly. 'Riah, little Kelly and Mekhi are hanging in there. 'Cedes is having a harder time.
Angie is surviving.

I'm going to get out and see you more often.
I promise.

Xo Lola

Kelly Sutton Sr.
Jan. 11, 1975-Aug. 27, 2005

...Young flowers and an evergreen tree
May spring from the spot of thy rest:
But nor cypress nor yew let us see;
For why should we mourn for the blest?
~Lord Byron

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RockitQueen said...

Love ya, sista. :-)